The Lure of Owning a Brand!

Even as a child I felt the lure of owning a certain brand, I'm not sure why, but I remember this clearly.

Gym class was a favorite back when I was going to elementary school. I loved all kinds of sports even though I was not naturally gifted at any one thing.

I recall one common trait among the "Jocks" at school, it was something I did not have, and I was envious. On the heel of their sneakers was a small blue label that said, "Keds".

When I think back about my envy at that young age, I feel kind of stupid and embarassed. Because my parents made sure I had adequate sneakers to wear in gym class, even though my sneakers were not the "Keds" brand.

What's important is, I'm not comparing a high quality sneaker to a lower quality sneaker. These two sneakers have similar quality, and the perceived value is the same. The only difference is the label, or brand name.

Regarding cost, my "no name brand" of sneakers cost my parents "half" (my parents also had to buy sneakers for my brother and sister) of what the Keds brand costs, yet both brands of sneakers wear out just as quickly.

As a teenager going to high school, and later in my twenties, I continued to experience occasional brand envy. I thought the cause of my problem was limited funds. At the time I was working in the corporate world and I remember being frustrated that my brother's salary was slightly higher than mine.

Thankfully, I started to evolve around age thirty. My focus changed from external (things) to more internal (character). I would no longer be pulled by the lure of owning certain objects, in other words, "things" would no longer control me.

I started asking questions like, "What do I really need to be happy and contented?" I focused more on what I could contribute, or produce, instead of how much I was earning. Freedom and validation followed.

Thanks for reading,

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