The Health Benefits of Walking Outside

Several years ago I made a decision to start walking outside, as often as possible. I average five to six days per week. My route is 3.5 miles long and it takes me about fifty minutes. The days that I don't walk are usually because of weather, like high winds, rain, or winter temperatures below 20 degrees. During winter months, my walking also depends on the amount of snow and ice on streets and sidewalks.

Because I jogged regularly several decades ago, it was no surprise to realize that the benefits of walking would be both physical and mental.

But what about inside walking compared to outside walking? I enjoy walking outside but I'm not interested in walking inside. I wondered why? Then I read an article that confirmed how I felt. Please refer to this article from Prevention, where they said in part, 

"You've probably heard of a runner's high before, but did you know that walking can give you a walker's high? As you log miles your brain releases "happy" chemicals like serotonin and dopamine, that can lift your mood both during and after your workout. Walking outside has also been shown to lower rates of depression more effectively than walking indoors".

Also, I live and work in the northeast. My blood tests have shown I need to take a supplement of vitamin D because my bare skin is not exposed enough to sunlight. (Yes, in addition, we should all be wearing sun protection too)  

The Mayo Clinic says regular brisk walking can help you:
• Maintain a healthy weight
• Prevent or manage various conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes
• Strengthen your bones and muscles
• Improve your mood
• Improve your balance and coordination

Should you walk alone or with a friend?
Is your happy place "alone" so you can focus on an audio book while walking? Is your neighborhood safe and friendly? Your safety is priority one and if walking with a friend you can each look out for the other.

If you prefer to walk alone, but not totally alone, here is another option. Your local high school may have an oval shaped track that is open to the public. And the bonus is many tracks constructed recently have a soft, rubbery surface which is very comfortable to walk on.

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