"Recycling" Spent Rolls from Packing Tape!

After accumulating dozens of spent rolls from packing tape, I experienced a dilemma. I could easily toss them in the trash or place them in our recycle bin for when trash is picked up, or I could put them aside, and save them. 

Why save them? Because there was just "something" about their round shape, their sturdiness, the fact that they could roll..., I kept wondering, "What can I use these for?"

Also, I remember when my kids were little, the variety of ways they would play with cardboard boxes. Like taking a large box taped and sealed, open on one end for fitting over their body, and cutting out holes in the side for your arms, and a hole in the top for your head! 

I came up with several ways to play with these tape rolls, and our grandchildren confirmed it! 

At the local playground!

Rolling down the stairs!

Another way is playing on the floor or table, and stacking them vertically, one roll on top of another, kind of like building a tower!

Thanks for looking,

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