Ready for Cooler Fall Temps?

Yes we are ready for cooler fall temperatures. Our heating system is ready and our air conditioning will be idle until next summer. In the northeast region of the US we are enjoying a beautiful warm mid September right now, but soon cooler fall temperatures will be arriving. FYI, I took the above image at Beaver Meadow in mid October several years ago. 

Thank you to all who have purchased our bags in the past. Please remember, if you have any issues with the function of your bag, please click the contact link, describe your situation, and we'll help you.

Please check back because starting sometime in November/December this year, we are adding several larger bags (compared to a 7 inch phone bag) to our product line. I started working on these new designs last January. It is a wonderful experience to see and touch the actual product that started out as only an idea. The new bags are not super large, they will be about 10 inches on the long side, more details coming soon...!

Paul Freeman