Looking for a Leather Handbag? 9 Examples of Faux Leather Buyer Experiences!

Are you looking for a leather handbag and considering faux leather because you like its lower price? And because of its lower price you'll be able to add more bags in other colors. This is a valid point, especially if you are coordinating a handbag with an outfit you plan to wear on a limited basis. 

I'm not against faux leather, in fact I've considered adding a faux leather bag to my product line due to its lower cost and because there are so many buyers purchasing this type of product. The handbag offerings at Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. are dominated by faux leather products.

When I'm looking to educate myself on what consumers want, I usually go to Amazon and read customer reviews. The volume of user opinions about products makes it a wonderful resource. It's valuable information for both consumers and sellers who are contemplating adding to their product line.

Below are 9 examples of "Faux Leather Buyer Experiences" I recently read on Amazon.

The following examples of, "Faux Leather Experiences", do not include the brand name, or the sellers's name. I blurred the seller's name because it is not my intent to single out the seller. My intent is to educate buyers.



  Faux leather, synthetic leather, PU leather, Pleather, it doesn't matter what you call it, it is a man made petroleum based product.  

Some readers may ask, "Why is the color lighter" underneath the faux leather? Because that is the color of the substrate, the top "Leather" color you see is like a thin skin. Faux leather starts out as a liquid that is poured on a substrate.

After reading the nine examples above, I wonder what readers think.
1) Would you still purchase a handbag made of faux leather?
2) Would you buy it with only a 30 day warranty?

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Paul Freeman