Getting a Toddler to Fall Asleep, a Discovery!

Do you have a toddler, or are you babysitting a toddler, who will not surrender to taking a nap? I discovered something that works, maybe this will work for you!

First, the baby stroller, what a lifesaver! 

Our street has some traffic, while it's not a real busy street, there are streets in our neighborhood that are more quiet, only minutes away, and this is where I'm headed with my grandson in his stroller.

Click-click... pause,  click-click...pause,  click-click...pause
(not too fast and not too slow)

Regarding this video, please note the beginning audio says something like, "For Day 8, Holly's assignment is....", this is because this video is serving two purposes.
First, as a video reference for this single message blog post, "Getting a Toddler to Fall Asleep".
And its second purpose, it's 1 of a total of 15 videos I made for a recent Video Challenge, more info on this page.

You may ask, "Do you take your cell phone with you?" (So glad you asked!)

Yes, my phone is always with me, just in case we grandparents need to get in touch. Plus, my cell phone is also my clock. I note the time when he falls asleep and when he wakes up, Why? Because when I return Mom and Grandma always ask, "How long did he sleep?" 

Because my grandson is such a light sleeper I've learned to set the volume on my phone to "mute" before starting our walk. As you know, when someone calls or sends a text message with your phone on mute, your phone vibrates instead of ringing. Because I'm pushing a stroller on a very quiet street I will usually hear (or feel) the vibration. The good news is the vibration is not loud enough to wake up the baby!

This is the cell phone bag I use to carry my cell phone. Because the bag's zipper opens and closes at the top, not the side, you can leave the zipper open and your phone will not fall out. Leaving it unzipped helps if you need to "hear" your phone vibrate.