Do You Like Being an Advertisement for the Products You Buy?

Years ago I recall buying a car from a dealership.

I don't remember if the car was new or used, or which car it was, but I do recall a specific part of the experience.

(I'm guessing I was in my thirties at the time because I was over it. By "over it" I mean, in my twenties I would have remembered which car it was because I was more of a "car guy", which I inherited from my father. But, by my thirties I came to realize that a car was just a thing to get me from point a to point b)

It had to do with the salesman at the dealership (and this will come as no surprise), before I signed the contract, he was more reactive, answering my questions, etc.

The day arrived that we setup for trading in my old car and picking up my new car. I'm in the dealers's parking lot, and using a screwdriver, I started removing the license plates from my old car.

As I was about to transfer the plates to my new car, in a crouched position, I remember the assertiveness of the salesman as he was "hovering" over me. He insisted that I install my plates on the new car in a certain way, placed "under a plastic frame" that he provided. On this printed plastic frame was the dealer's name & address.

Now that I think about it, since the manufacturer's brand name is also attached to the car, I'm advertising for two brands, the dealer and the car manufacturer.

You may say, "So what, everyone's driving a car branded this way".

Okay, fair enough.

We all accept this.

Or do we?

If we asked the question,
"Do you like being an advertisement for the products you buy?",
people would probably respond in a variety of ways.

Some may say,
* "It depends on what product you're referring to" 
* or, "I don't mind if it's a brand I like and am loyal to" 
* or, "No, if I paid a fair price for a product, I shouldn't have to advertise for it too"

As a business owner (that's me!), it doesn't matter what your product is, cars, dishwashers, handbags, etc. Priority one is still the same, pleasing customers.

If some buyers prefer products with more "subtle branding", then manufacturers have to listen.

Thanks for reading,

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