Carabiner Tips

The carabiner can be used in multiple ways. For instance, you can wear the phone bag at your waist by attaching the carabiner to your strap that has been already adjusted in length to fit your waist, refer to below image.

You can also attach your phone bag to a larger bag or backpack by using the carabiner. Some of our customers attach their key ring to the carabiner.

Usually only mild pressure is needed to open and close the gate, not excessive force. If you have ever split a fingernail using a split ring you will appreciate the easy open easy close of these small carabiners.

Some carabiners open to the right, and some carabiners open to the left of the laser engraved aapporto® name. Either way, always push the gate in to open, and release to close. It closes by itself because of a tiny spring inside the gate!

If the gate only partially closes like above, it's not defective, it just needs minor guidance, please refer to the next image.

Refer to above image, turn carabiner to "end view", apply slight pressure to the gate in the "up" direction, then guide the gate to its seated, closed position.

Note the gate is now in its closed, seated position.

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