Thanks to all health care workers..

Thanks to all the health care workers who keep showing up
in spite of the risks...
 . . .

Some Updates

First, we are still open for business every day and
we're ready to ship your bag order, usually within 24 hours.
And we are grateful for our continued good health,
no infections here.

Past Customers

If you need customer service for a prior purchase, please note,
your bag warranty does not expire after 30 days, excluding
normal wear and tear. We will help you, please send your details
immediately to: or click the contact link.

New Customers

For new customers, if you are interested in placing an order,
our bags can be ordered at, or, your choice.

But a word of caution when placing orders through Amazon:
1) our offerings are more limited on Amazon, so if you
prefer a wider selection shop at
2) Amazon has a 1 month delay on shipping, if you order today,
April 22, 2020, your bag will not arrive until May 22, 2020.

Pandemic Reality & Amazon's Limitations

Lucky for us, the pandemic has not changed the ordering process
at, but it's a different story at Amazon.

Because of increased orders for high priority items like medical supplies,
household staples, etc., combined with a staff shortage, Amazon has 
stopped accepting all inbound shipments to their fulfillment centers
from businesses like ours unless the products being shipped are high

Our stock levels at Amazon are dwindling, and some bags are completely
out of stock. This is why we suggest placing orders at