"Aapporto Anniversary", & "How Did We Earn a 4.8 Star Rating on Amazon?"

1) Celebrating The Last Three Years  

The month of March is our anniversary for
launching our line of cell phone bags at
Aapporto! It was three years ago we
shipped our first carton of black cell phone
bags to Amazon's fulfillment center, the year
was 2015. It's been a fun journey!

Since launching our black phone bags three
years ago, we continue to make small
improvements. Plus, we added three colors,
blue, brown and gray. Also, we recently
added our shoulder straps in black, brown
and gray as an option for customers to
purchase separately (please note availability
is at aapporto.com only)

I'll never forget the excitement of reading
one of our first 5 star product reviews in
2015. I was simultaneously humbled and
appreciative that this person took a leap
of faith and purchased our product on
Amazon without any prior customer

Now, three years later, we've sold hundreds
of phone bags and now have 82 customer
product reviews on Amazon for our black
bag. We have earned a "4.8 Star" rating,
please refer below to a screenshot of our
Amazon product page.

Several aspects of the process we
implemented three years ago are still in
place. Even though these extra steps add
to our cost, we feel it is the main reason
why we have so many repeat buyers, and
this 4.8 Amazon star rating.

Our inspection process is also why we
took the risk and made the decision to
include a lifetime replacement warranty
on all our phone bags, including its parts.

In the past three years we have replaced
a few bags, straps and carabiners, but less
than I thought we would. And this was a
positive surprise, up til now anyway, we've
never heard from a customer, "The zipper
on my phone bag stopped working".
That is amazing!

2) A Process that Benefits Customers

Sellers on Amazon are independent
businesses located all over the world.
Each has to decide in their own unique
way how they are going to bring their
product from concept to market. In many
cases their manufacturing site is located
in a different country. When shipping
products to Amazon's fulfillment centers
some sellers use a one step process,
direct to Amazon, which saves on
shipping expense. And some sellers
use a two step or multiple step process.

At Aapporto we use multiple steps and
we incur additional shipping expenses
because of this decision. Our products
are shipped to our facility first, not directly
to Amazon. Our customers benefit
because this adds one more important
product inspection layer. Also, because
of this extra step in our process we have
total control over packaging and

We inspect every phone bag, and all its
parts, before it leaves our facility to be
shipped to Amazon. Our Batavia, NY
location is responsible for the third and
final inspection step in our process.
Inspection step number two in our
supply chain is a dedicated onsite
inspection service. Inspection step
one starts with our sewing partners
after each unit is completed.

3) Customer Product Review

Buyer Amy K. on Nov. 8, 2017 said,
“Very high quality bag. This bag came
packaged beautifully and you can tell that
the company takes pride in the product.
The material is sturdy and stain resistant
and the strap seams and workmanship
are great. The bag can be worn several
ways and there is even an included
carabiner that you can use to hang it
from your belt. This fits my iPhone 7 plus
with room for keys and a small wallet.”

Thanks to all 82 people, and especially
Amy K., who took the time out of their
busy day to write and post a product
review on Amazon, we appreciate!

Enjoy your day!
Paul Freeman