A Sign of Spring!

Happy March 2021!

If you love flowers and plants, or anything that grows, then you're enjoying this time of year as temperatures gradually increase.

This bouquet is from our recently trimmed pussy willow. They really do look like little blobs of gray kitten fur, and they do feel soft and fuzzy!

Every year when the growing season starts, I'm continually amazed at the variety and uniqueness of everything that is blooming. It's a visual smorgasbord!

If you're outside doing yard work and enjoying the warmer temperatures, but you're also waiting for an important phone call, you'll need your phone close by!
Our cell phone bag can be worn over the shoulder cross-body, or at your waist by adjusting strap length and connecting to D-rings, or using the included carabiner.
This way you won't miss a call.

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